As we embark upon this brand new journey with Urbainia, I see that my love affair with real estate is nearing 35 years of completion. In this time, I have seen our country grow in stature from a third- world country to a developing nation and consequently become one of the most powerful economies of the world.

We at Urbainia take the honor to raise a complete world that brings fulfillment to life, and we will go full throttle in our effort to continue being a brand that people trust, the brand of commitment, care and faith.

Economic growth has fueled the desire of our compatriots to have a high standard of living resulting in heightened expectations from the spaces they live in. A home can no longer be just a place to live in, it needs to be an abode to retire to after a long day’s work. It should be a place to entertain friends. It should be a secure environment to raise a family. It should ensure the overall vitality and wellness of its habitants. This is my vision for the homes we build, and the spaces we create.

S.J. Singh – Director

With more than 30 years of experience behind him, Mr. Singh has held directorships in various companies. After a tenure in Housing finance with HDFC, Mr. Singh moved to the real estate sector. He has successfully launched and managed projects at Supertech, and later on at Airwil Infra Ltd.